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Computer & Fluorescent Lighting

This lens has a number of very good reports at controlling the flicker of fluorescent lighting. For one patient, it made her work much more comfortable – not only did it stop the problems she had with the fluorescent light but also made the use of computers much more comfortable.

After supplying a pair to a lady in the Versatile form her husband came in to purchase a pair, based on the reaction of his wife to the lens.

A young lady, who worked in a basement with no natural lighting, suffered headaches and eye strain, which were banished when wearing Vista-Mesh Rx lenses.

Lady who was so affected by fluorescent light flicker that she could never complete her Somerfield shop and had to flee the store can now fill her basket and wait to pay for it!


Keratoconic patients who wear an over refraction find that they obtain sharper vision when using Vista-Mesh.

Light Sensitivity

“My Dispensing Optician suggested that the Vista-Mesh lenses might help and offered me a pair of overglasses with the Mesh Lenses to try in the Opticians. When I put them on I immediately noticed an improvement in visual stress as well as a reduction in the “brain fog” which occurs when I am in a brightly lit room. I was lent the overglasses to try at home, and again, I felt an improvement and reduction in stress. They helped to reduce the visual stress caused by bold patterns on floors and curtains, when reading and writing, and from general glare. I now have two pairs of glasses with Vista Mesh lenses and after just one day I have noticed a considerable improvement in my symptoms.”

Lyme Disease

Vista-Mesh Lens Relieves Visual Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Visual symptoms of Lyme Disease – just one aspect of the debilitating illness – are being relieved by the innovative spectacle lens, Vista-Mesh.

Elisa Joyce, 34, has suffered with multiple health problems since contracting Lyme Disease 21 years ago. Reading was extremely challenging, looking at a computer screen often resulted in an attack of vomiting, while migraines, motion sickness and vertigo were daily occurrences. Her optometrist’s suggestion to try a Vista-Mesh lens, where the fine filter is barely visible, has brought a dramatic change:

“I went to my optometrist and tried a number of filters, especially for Blue Light filter but they didn’t make any difference. They suggested Vista Mesh and I popped on a sample pair. It was instant and I just shrieked ‘Jesus, I can see’ – I didn’t realise just how affected my vision had become. They provide dramatic visual relief. It seems visual processing problems are not uncommon with neurological Lyme Disease.”

“Looking at the computer screen had been so intensely painful – I suddenly became aware of the extent of the problem when it improved. It doesn’t seem as if anyone really knows why the lenses work, but the effect of the fine mesh is dramatic. I was astounded by the difference the lenses seem to make to my vision. I had found it extremely uncomfortable to drive in poor light due to painful glare and had extreme sensitivity to strip lights and PC monitors after just a few minutes of use.”

“I have near 20/20 vision but I appear to find it extremely unpleasant to process everyday visual stimuli. The lenses make it a lot less challenging.”

“I went through a host of incorrect diagnoses during a 15 year period, including chronic fatigue. I went from being a near County athlete to collapsing and not being able to walk or talk: My mother described me as a breathing corpse for three years. My multiple problems led me to seek care abroad and five years ago Lyme Disease and Babesia were diagnosed. Lyme disease is a multifactorial problem. As a result of the time left untreated a huge number of complex neurological and autonomic nervous system problems developed – Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia, for example.”

“The Lyme Disease test is very unreliable with many false negatives, consequently, I consider myself perversely lucky to have had an accurate result that is recognised by the Centre for Disease Control. I was eventually treated in New York, as in Upstate New York and Maine they are riddled with Lyme Disease, and am now enrolled on a US Clinical Trial where I am still being treated for Lyme Disease, as a bacterial infection, and for Babesia as a parasitic infection.”

“Sadly I found that treatment is devastatingly inadequate in the UK, but it is much more treatable if diagnosed correctly in the early stages before it can cross into the brain and other organs. Through conversations over the years it strikes me that an animal would get better treatment in the UK – the best informed people on Lyme seem to be vets, but at last I seem to be getting somewhere now.”

Norville, the Gloucester-based company which supplies the Vista-Mesh lenses, is delighted with the relief that has been provided via Elisa’s optometrist.

“It is very gratifying to our team to learn of such positive outcomes for a variety of conditions. It is doubly gratifying as this is the first time we have had such feedback regarding relief from the symptoms of Lyme Disease, as normally reported cases mention migraine, sensitivity to light flicker, night driving issues and motion sickness,” said Director Frank Norville.

At least 3,000 cases of Lyme Disease are diagnosed in the UK each year, but the belief is that many more are undiagnosed because it is such a complex condition.


“I’m pleased to say headaches drastically reduced to maybe 1 a week as opposed to every day. My eyes feel less tired and more relaxed. I wouldn’t be without them. Thanks so much!”

“I have to say that I have not experienced a visual migraine since I started wearing Vista-Mesh, now over eight weeks ago.”

“Patient with severe migraines supplied with a pair of Vista-Mesh came in for his yearly check and reported that he has not had a headache since wearing the lenses. He is, of course, delighted.” – Andrew Keirl Opticians.

Motion Sickness

A sufferer of car motion sickness reports considerable relief once wearing Vista-Mesh lenses.

Night Driving

One lady who has a two hour drive to see her daughter had to leave just after lunch in the winter to get home before it became dark. After being supplied the Vista-Mesh lens she was happy to drive at night. Indeed, she was so happy with these new spectacle lenses that had changed her life, she requested a spare pair to leave in the car.

Several patients have purchased these lenses for driving at night and the response is that they have made night driving much more comfortable. They found they could cope with oncoming headlamps without developing visual stress.

“Previously a lot of motorway night driving left me visually fatigued, but a more recent 250 mile night drive wearing my Vista-Mesh left me visually and physically more confident and relaxed. I would confidently recommend Vista-Mesh lenses to anyone who is having problems with night driving.”

Vista-Mesh are completely safe and meet standard requirements for night driving.

Post Cataract

Px was unable to tolerate a PC screen, also a history of headaches and clinical visual problems. Now much more comfortable wearing her Vista-Mesh Rx.


A boy had improved his reading age by 2-3 years in the six months since having Vista-Mesh lenses. His Mum and Dad were thrilled as he had struggled to read prior to this.

A teenager who found it very hard to concentrate on reading for any length of time found he could read comfortably with the Vista-Mesh and was able to completely read whole books which he had never done before. (D.O.’s son).

Special Needs Reading

From a mother of a special needs boy: “We have definitely seen amazing results with his reading and writing skills since using his ‘magic specs’ (as he calls them).”

Stroke Victim

From an FCOptom: “A lady who had had a stroke which had left her vision ‘patchy’, tried Vista-Mesh over her prescription and she started crying. When asked she said it was because the filter had made her vision ‘complete’ and the holes in her vision had been filled in. She movingly said that she’d got her vision back again!”

Visual Stress

A gentleman who was suffering severe headaches every time he watched television tried a number of corrective lens options such as PLS FL41, all to no avail. However, when a pair of Vista-Mesh was provided he reported considerable relief.

“Have had my glasses for about three weeks. I find them excellent, they look the same as my other glasses and no-one notices any different. All I can see is a little bit of greenish tinge. I really expected the mesh to be visible, but no, it is like a modern miracle. I have been able to walk normally along the street without being upset by any stripes or fancy patterns. Even to look in M&S’s window is not a problem. I haven’t watched too much TV recently but when I have I’ve managed to stay sitting in the chair – I can’t thank you enough for this as I feel I’m 90% better with these glasses.

“I’ve been suffering with pain in my eyes & sensitivity to light for the past 5 years. I was recently diagnosed with visual stress & was asked by my optician to try Vista Mesh glasses.

Absolutely brilliant, they made a difference immediately. No more pain or headaches using these under office lights & the computer.

Would definitely recommend these glasses.”
Sally – Haverhill

Your Feedback

We would really welcome any patient feedback on Vista-Mesh as evidence of additional outcomes. Particularly of interest would be feedback on Photosensitive Epilepsy, Blepharospasm or Photo-ocludidynia. Only by your co-operation on such matters can we pass on significant discoveries such as the EJ tale of Lyme.