Press Releases

November 2018

Eyes Magazine

Grid Design By Vista-Mesh

Dazzling glare from oncoming vehicles at night is being alleviated by an innovative lens from Vista-Mesh. The rising prevalence of LED car lights is leading to more people seeking help from their optician.

To target this need, Vista-Mesh has created a fine, almost imperceivable grid design over the lens. These adapted lenses remove the glare and sharp reflections and subdue the intensity of light reaching the eye, help with contrast and support the eye’s recovery from visual stress.

“We use the lens a lot, particularly for the increasing number of patients who come into the practice at this time of the year with driving vision problems. Some have even considered giving up driving at night but Vista-Mesh has changed that; the lens really works for a lot of people,” says Graham Wild, Dispensing Optician at Robert Frith Opticians.

Optician Magazine

Vista-Mesh Results Make For Happy Reading

People with dyslexia have been receiving positive results from Vista-Mesh spectacle lenses, according to reports from opticians. Jeremy Salmon, director of Robert Stanley Opticians in Oxfordshire, has seen his patients reap extra benefits from the lenses for visual processing problems such as migraines, as well as those with dyslexia.

He said: “Both children and adults can respond very positively to Vista-Mesh. Sometimes there is a little difference in the reading help provided by Vista-Mesh and coloured filters, but the main advantage where children are concerned is that the lenses look normal. For youngsters, it makes wearing their specs a lot more acceptable.”

Other opticians from across the country have reported that Vista-Mesh lenses are good for image-conscious people as the lenses do not look any different from others. Some have also said that they often dispense several pairs each week, due to the lenses benefiting 85% of patients in the visual processing problems category.