Vista-Mesh Technology

Unique Lens Technology

It really is there! Smaller and less visible than you would think. You will not discern Vista-Mesh by looking through it directly, rather over a piece of white paper look indirectly at the lens surface and it will suddenly pop into focus.

The Components


  • 90% LTF brown contrast filter
  • Reflection-free HMAR
  • Super Easyclean top coat
  • UV385 cut-off
  • Unique V-M optical mesh filter
  • Mid index thinner 1.56 material


  • Aligns scattered light reflections
  • Dampens flicker
  • Sharpens contrast
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Deflects EMI radiations


  • Computer use
  • Night driving
  • Office environments
  • Clinical afflictions
  • Digital devices
  • General reading and writing
  • Motion sickness